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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Human Body™

Religion is just marketing and we are all riding around in one of the most versatile and resilient ATV (all-terrain-vehicle) there is, the Human Body™:

For what is the human body but a power plant, support and sensors for the brain to operate, sustain thrive, reproduce and travel. It is a symbiotic relationship, as one depends on the other for its survial. We know the body cannot survive on it own, but we don't know so much about the brain. Yes, the physical organ cannot survive without the body, but in terms of the essence of what is the mind, we are not really sure.

Religion offers us an answer. The problem with religion, is that the primary principle of belief (and its universality) is that no proof is required. Faith requires no proof. So what is religion actually offering us? This isn't a math test. I don't need to see your work. It's not necessary. Religion is marketing the unknown, but as there are no FDA studies to prove otherwise, results may vary and product is not inteded to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent ANYTHING. And just like any product in our mass produced world, there are usually several competitors with similar products. The differences are arbitraty and based on cultural, educational and social factors. Is it so hard to believe we are mass-marketing procedural faith (religion)? We can build faith upon anything arbitraty (Scientology™ and aliens) and even technology can be the basis of faith (Apple™). Faith in general is dangerous, because it feeds on fear. It feeds on the unknown and our fear of the unknown. Fear doesn't kill on its own, but the results of fears can (actions/inactions). We must be conscious of that fear and that's why we're revolving on this hunk o' rock; on this 3rd planet; in this tiny solar system; located in the far arm of the Milky Way galaxy, located somewhere in another universe far, far away.......

This guy proves death is not the end, but the beginning.....


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