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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unsavory Flashbacks

The incident of last night triggered bad memories of .... Tuesday. I didn't say it was traumatic or in my childhood, but Tuesday's lunch time trip to the local Western Beef was unnerving.

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Upon entering the store I encountered no one by the deli counter. Several minutes of waiting later, I was told that the day's special chicken Parmesan sandwich was short the sauce (apparently it was in short supply). I chose another sandwich, which was actually really good especially after being bombarded with chaos for the next 1/4 hour. While my sandwich was being prepared the pita delivery guy shows up :

He got to the closest store employee, who is stacking the shelves and asks : "Can I see your manager?"

She replies : "Yeah..."

"You the manger?" He enquires.


"Excuse mee. ASSISTANT manager. I got a delivery for you." He announces.

From this point I tried not to pay attention anymore, but all I could make out was what sounded like flirting. Some people just react to different stimuli, I guess. My sandwich is done and the woman hands it to me and mutters "here you go honey". Am I that young? Is she that old? Why would you refer to a perfect stranger, whom you are unlikely to see again, by such a familiar nickname? Oh well. The cash register is next and FREEDOM !!!

Not exactly. In front of the aisle, a disables person in a wheel chair was screaming wildly with no visible guardian anywhere in sight. There is one person in front of me paying. Suddenly someone comes from behind me and engages the cashier, which results in the cashier leaving for about 3-4 minutes. The line is at least 5 person deep at this point and no sign of the cashier. The woman in front of me is still awaiting her change, which that cashier walked away with. She returns suddenly with the manager and tells him : "Yeah. The guy in black. He went over to the right (as she points to the left)." I pay for my sandwich, with a $10 bill that I hand her first, followed by the two quarters. She looks at the change and sighs with visible annoyance, as if her handing me a penny change was somehow more troublesome than figuring out and dispersing 49 cents. Thankfully the ordeal ends as soon as I leave the premises. I am really not sure I want to return, especially in light of the chaos/strangeness magnet I apparently wear. Till next time....


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