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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Star-Studded Sports Center at Chelsea Piers

I have already had several sightings at my gym, however, they have gotten more frequent over the last several months. At one point, there was a new sighting every week.

It started back in October with another Paul Blackthorne sighting. This time, however, it wasn't in the elevator, but in the locker room. More specifically, the locker right next to mine. I feel strange talking about it in lieu of what happened next. This is the first time a celebrity has stripped in front of me, so naturally, I am still unsure of what to think. Normally, while at the gym, I take no specific notice of any one man. I have no interest in any other kind of gaze, but in this case it was right in front of me. To his credit, Mr. Blackthorne is a modest man who 'revealed' nothing. I thank him for this, but still cannot help invoke his memory everytime I see him on TV :

Approximately a week later, I noticed Anthony Anderson on the 2nd floor, working out with whom I assume is his wife, Alvina.

I will admit that I am not a fan and after watching him while I work out, I realized I am not a fan of his workout style either. He is what I categorize as a "lingerer". In essence, going to the gym is comprised of 35% standing/sitting around or lingering, 35% talking on the phone & 30% working out (usually with the least intensiveness possible). To his credit, Anthony worked out even less than 30%. He took his time watching his wife exercising instead. Looking is 1/2 the battle I guess.

That same day, on the way to the showers, I could have sworn I saw 'Helo' (Tahmoh Penikett) out of the corner of my eye, in a towel no less :

A few days after that sighting, I saw Tate Donovan hanging around for the next aerobic class to start. He was nursing some injury as one of his legs was bandaged. The Love Potion #9 he was wearing was quite weak as I did not feel any urge to bash him.

The new year is already bringing in new sightings. The sighting that caused this whole 'recall' was Q-Tip. I so wanted to ask him "if he was on point?" I grew up on A Tribe Called Quest, along with other Queens artists,but it was strange to see him there, in a towel :

I'm not sure who I'll sight next, but I'm looking forward to my next celebrity towel.


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