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Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Kid on the Block Sighted near Times Square.

I was working out of the midtown office today, because of an "important" departmental meeting. This means a dreaded walk through the gauntlet that is Times Square. The return trip was made even more painful by the sudden development of bone chilling winds. It's New York, of course, so the wind is blowing right in your face and the appropriate accessories (hat, gloves,etc.) are missing because the day didn't start out this way.

I usually go down the south side of 46, crossing Times. Sq & ducking into the Hilton's plaza. This puts me right in front of the little gap between the buildings that allow me to get to 44th. From there it's a Ryan Gosling's step away from Heather Graham and my oasis in the concrete jungle. This day was slightly different. As I walked by here, I noticed a lone, yet familiar figure walking towards me:

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It was the Dick Clark of NKOTB, the seemingly ageless: Joey McIntyre. He was walking away from the TSq maelstrom, heading east. Did I mention he was alone? His eyes were fixated on some unseen, horizonal goal. He was not going to stop for anyone; fans, soccer moms,etc. Perhaps he was hanging out at MTV or engaged in some self-promoting. I was never a fan of the group. I had heard the songs and knew of them, but musically I was more of a BBD fan. I Wiki'd and discovered that he wasn't an original member of the group. He was actually filling in for the then recently departed Mark Wahlberg. Funny to see how their careers paralleled each other, like a Tale of Two Cities, minus the guillotine.


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