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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turk 182 sighted near Lincoln Square


I was having dinner at P.J. Clarke's at Lincoln Center tonight with some friends. It was just some beers (in this case mostly Blue Moons), laughs and straight fries. Everyone also had burgers. I can't say the food was exceptional, but it hit the right spot.

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By the time we were ready to leave, the conversation had turned to celebrity sightings. Strangely enough as we were walking (and talking) our way out of the restaurant, I noticed Timothy Hutton have dinner with a friend at one of the 2 person tables by the front of the restaurant.

I was the only one who noticed. My attempt to inform my comrades failed, even after the corroboration by the hostess. I noticed him looking at me. Perhaps I was a little loud? I have been accused of having a booming voice & we were only 20 feet away (way too close). He took several glances and was perhaps worried that I might come over or cause a scene (ask for an autograph, etc). I did not. I believe in the "golden rule." If I were famous, I wouldn't want to be bother by some random person looking for 2 seconds of acknowledgment for something that is quite obvious. My technique is to make eye contact; an established, non-verbal, form of communication conveying that I am well aware of who they are without necessarily doing or saying anything. Til next time, Mr. Hutton. Til next time..... maybe.

UPDATE : 2/18/2009

So according to Timothy Hutton's Wikipedia entry, he is a part owner of the P.J. Clarke's restaurants. So Timothy going to P.J.'s for dinner would be like me staying home. A hearty thanks to my dad for fact checking.


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