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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pandora Work-Around

I've been using Pandora for several months now and it has definetly opened my eyes to some music I had not heard before or simply did not take note of the artist or title of the song at the time I had heard it. I am using the free version and the most annoying aspect is the "Are you still listening" prompt every couple of hours. So far I have only heard 2 ads so far, so I cannot complain. I have found a cheap and relatively easy "hack" to keep the music going all through the night & beyond. Stating point - noticing the time (13:48:56) :

The "hack" involves clicking in the Pandora window & making sure the cursor is on top of one of the "action" buttons (thumbs up/down or menu were tested), with an appropriate color change if done correctly. You leave it there and Pandora will keep playing. This is more useful, of course, if you are using multiple systems or setting the music and walking away.

As you can see from the JPG, it was about 4 hours later and the music was still going. I can vouche for an uniterrupted Pandora stream lasting longer than 24 hours. It's a small work-around. Enjoy it free for now (fees or commercial interruption.


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