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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Shamrocking

Whilst I was partaking in the company's St. Patrick's Day themed bagel breakfast, my cubicle was "shamrocked". I returned to this :

Apparently people got shamrocked, with Greg attesting to some Irish luck making contact with the back on his head. Looking around, I noticed the little shamrocks everywhere.

There were shamrocks everywhere, literally. I saw some in the kitchen, on different floors and even in the bathrooms. I was disappointed not to find any shamrocked people - people who have been adorned with forehead shamrocks unknowingly. At least we had green bagels, described by a co-worker as being green on the way in & out, and non-traditional Irish soda bread, that was flaky, dry and tasted like a sweaty old sock (it was made from flax seed bread). Thank the Celtic gods for Guiness, otherwise this day might be considered severly overrated.


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