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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watching Lou Dobbs Tonight

So as I am settling in at home after picking up a Balinese, Christmas, and house warming gift from Lee's Art Shop for my friend, Steve. Lou Dobbs is in the background. He is touting his usually self-righteous American brand of rhetoric, which I can't stand. What transpired next, so vexed me that I had to email the show about it. Here is what I wrote to them :

I am currently watching your show on CNN (Lou Dobbs Tonight) around the 7:50 mark (3/10). You are venturing into a proverbial bottom of the journalistic barrel. To be honest, I do not watch your show regularly, as I consider you a self-righteous blow-hard and severely biased when it comes to reporting.

You started a discussion about Pres. Obama's address at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with one of your panelist, John Gambling. When you asked him about it, he admits he didn't actually see it. Minutes later he's analyzing the speech as if he's seen it. Did I miss something, Lou? Was something edited for content? Was he coached? Is this what you call unbiased journalism, Lou? 1/3 bullshit, 2/3 opinion? Don't you just love DVR.

By the way, America was built on the backs of cheap labor, whether that was slaves, indentured servants, illegal immigrants, unwanted immigrants,etc. Get off your high horse. I'd like to see those "jobs" those "illegals" are taking from "Americans". Most of those "jobs" are those that "Americans" generally don't want to do. I'm not referring to outsourcing either. I'm talking about "illegals" living in this country.

Your crusade against illegal immigrants is overzealous, all-consuming, but completely American. This is every native-born American's right; to discriminate against the newcomers (whatever form that takes). Discrimination is as American as apple pie. I applaud you for continuing an American tradition, but maybe you could bring back some racial epithets to season this melting pot.

For now, the only response is the form letter from

Thank you for the e-mail you sent to Lou Dobbs Tonight. This auto reply is your notification that we have received your email. While we are unable to personally reply to every e-mail, your comments are important to us, and we do read each and every one. Comments become part of the viewer response report that is prepared and made available each day to our producers and senior management.

If you have mistakenly submitted a question or story idea through this comments section, please allow time for it to be tagged as such and routed to the appropriate persons for handling.

Again, thank you for contacting us, and please visit the attached links for more information on our anchors, programs and schedules:
Would you like additional information on our anchors?Please visit our anchor bio section at

Would you like to review transcripts of CNN programming?Please visit our transcript at

Do you need information on the show schedules?Please visit us at

Thanks again for your interest and keep your browser pointed to

Viewer Communications Management "CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News"

I await a response or retort, but doubt one will appear. Let's see what happens.


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