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Monday, April 6, 2009

Larry Dallas sighting in Hell's Kitchen

Richard Kline is a New York actor (mostly TV) who's claim to fame & source of pain is identical. For 110 episodes, he was the sex-starved, single male neighbor of Jack, Janet & Chrissy/Teri. He was Larry Dallas :

Today was the second time I have sighted the actor in Hell's Kitchen. The first time was several months ago (December), when he was crossing the street in front of Papaya, going eastward on 42nd Street. I did not document that sighting.

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I was walking behind him on 44th Street as he took a long peak into Smith's Bar (now renovated). He then entered the subway at 44th & 8th. I couldn't keep up with him after the turnstile because he was going uptown/Queens and I was going downtown. I'm sure I will see him again, as he lives/works in the area.

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