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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The new cast.

Yesterday was my post operative appointment, in which the initial (and quite large) cast was removed and replaced. By removed, I mean cut (with a large scissor) at the speed of the bionic man (and I don't mean in slow motion with a sound effect). The cutting of the cast made me just a tad nervous. Thankfully I am quite intact. The following is what it looked like after the stitches were removed. Their removal was probably the most pain I had felt since the initial moments of the injury. Without further ado, the "Hand" :

After the stitches were removed, the doctor disinfected my hand and arm. He then bandaged my arm in cotton. I was then given the option of a white, black or pink cast. It was rolled into place like so :

The bandage was soft to the touch. Now the next step was a bit comical. The doctor started rubbing KY jelly into the bandage. This was a catalyst that would heat it up and make it hard (I couldn't resist, sorry). I'm not making this up. I saw the tube. It then started to bubble and ooze :

After 10 minutes, the cast was rock hard and ready for "clubbing" (a useful tool while using NYC's public transit system). The advantages of this are clear from the picture. This is less likely to look schmutzy, it is smaller and hard all round (no soft spots like the first cast). After wearing this for about a day, I have had to use sanding paper. The edge of cast is "wavy". When it hardened and especially around my index finger, repeated rubbing would cause a blister or even cut into the skin (see butter knife). It is also tighter than the first cast, but I believe this will expand as I move and as I perspire. Heres to the next three weeks. I will update you on my progress, if any before the removal date (11/8). Until then.


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