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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just when I thought things couldn't get much stranger, I stumble upon Plea Hostel.

One of my readers. For argument sake, lets call him BBK. BBK lets me know that he is disappointed at my lack of posts since Thanksgiving Day. While it is true that I have not posted since then, I did want to spare the rest of you (if you exist). I guess some news is better than the lack of news. Since Thanksgiving, the entirety of my day is filled with tasks and deadlines, which I have to document. 'Nuff said.

I did get some relief today, namely in the form of tasks accomplished. With the completion of a large group of tasks, I feel more "liberated." To quote nothing in particular : "I can breath again."

And then I stumbled upon this : Pleo. For those that read Wired , get a Sharper Image (or comparable) catalog, or have looks at an airplace catalog, you've probably already seen a Pleo. Its a robotic dinosaur or rather a cat in a robotic dinosaur's body. It is eerily diabolic and reeks of deus ex machina and the curse of Promethium fire. Not that we've not been imbued with that power from the start. That goes without saying, however, the raw material was always of self. But to create life from the matter around you is elysian. We are a strange and wondrous peoples. We even teach our artificial creations abouts death and murder. In the image of one's creator......

Well now. Now you see what I meant, about not having the time to properly contribute. All I've got is some exstatential mumbo jumbo and a video of robot torture porn.

And then I saw this, and I knew some things are right with the world.


Anonymous said...

Fun post, I noticed the dinosaur is totally unavailable till after christmas and is over $350. It looks kind of interesting, My daughter already has a furreal cat that creeps me out.

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