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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Soon I will be Terminator-like

Or as an alternative, I will be like the Terminator. At my scheduled appointment with my hand doctor, I discovered I am now laced with titanium. Soon I will have a neural interface and much more. Last year I traded my perfectly good knee for an 85-90% knee and a severe weather detector. All day today my knee has been detecting something big.

If my head wasn't hurting enough from all the bourbons (a.k.a. Makers on the rocks which I kept calling Knob Creek) and Kona beers yesterday (also the lack of food ingestion), at the Emeril Live wrap up party at Franks, but I also had knee pains. Maybe if I were more cyborg, things wouldn't hurt as much or I'd be more capable of controlling the pain. Nevertheless, I digress. I will put my severe weather detector to the test. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

I have also come to document the # of daily steps taken in my travels. I will start posting the results in a section on the right. Its not much and means very little, but it may reveal a pattern. And after all, isn't that what life is all about? Searching for recognizable patterns.


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