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Friday, December 14, 2007

Surreal Friday

It is now almost 9:30 and I have been up for 3 hours already (2 of them at work). Even though today is the "holiday" party at One (@ the Gansvoort), I still have deadlines. This morning has been a barrage of sensory degradation.

Random chance seemed have operated in my disfavor when I encountered Brian Boitano on NBC's Today Show talking to Matt Lauer (it happens I was passing by a tv at work). What came next?
Brian Boitano "interpreting" John Lennon's Imagine. (a moment of silence)

Yeah. If you have ever seen Brian "interpret", then you'll know why I had to have that 2nd cup of java. Yeah. Yeah. 'nuff said. Besides, did you ever think about ice skating? It is stereotypically categorized as the "whitest", Anglo-uptight, Victorian-esq "sport" ever. A person performing ballet on ice. But wait, theres more. Not only will you try and look ridiculous on ice, but to increase the difficulty level, you will do this, while standing on a one inch wide (2.54 cm for my metric friends), 1/8 inch (.3175 cm, viva science) edge piece of steel. Top this off with choreography and "costumes" and there you have it, ice skating. Sometimes its interesting to look at aspects of human interaction and convention from alien perspective. If you were a non-terrestrial (or Borat, for some that like an easier example) and you looked at human culture. The sheer level of "randomness" is mind-boggling. Why some choices won out over others is sometimes unquestionably and irrationally random. I cannot explain it.

Anyway, my friend Bruce, send me this link which made life that much better. If I were Japanese or Korean, and on meth, then this would seems like a good idea. It looks ridiculous, but I strangely am attracted to it. I am so fcuked up. 8-)


Anonymous said...

My favorite is tempura hand

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