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Thursday, May 15, 2008

UPDATE : SkullCandy responds.

So a couple of days before the 2 week deadline I was given for my headphone replacement I received a status email :

Your RMA request #15815 has been updated to Out of Stock.

Thank you for sending your product into skullcandy. We have authorized it to be replaced under our lifetime warranty. Regretfully we are currently out of stock of your product. As soon as it becomes available we will ship it out to you ASAP. Sorry for the delay. SKULLCANDY


The Skullcandy Team

I promptly respond with an email asking for a definition of "SOON" and remarked that I would like to know if I should hold my breath or get headphones from a company that actually seems to care about its products and services. To me, SkullCandy does not appear to have either. If I were you I would recommend you NOT buy anything from them as you are likely to get the shaft.


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