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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A trip to the gym (an anecdote)

Normally, this is one of the nights where I go to the gym or as I (and Homer Simpson) like to call it "Jimming" or "Jiming".

Things were fairly normal there, except for some random and multiple stares. I cannot be sure what they were looking at, but perhaps they were just enjoying the 'Stache. This was after a synergistic moment with an oncoming West Side bicyclist, on the way there. The way back was a little more interesting. Arriving at the corner of 16th and 10th, were several people just hanging around.

You may all remember this corner as the one I was almost wearing Mario Batali and his Vespa. A 9/11 event. By people, I mean 6 uniformed officers, 2 squad cars and what looked like two members of Del Posto's staff, just hanging around. Arriving at the corner, I notice the two staff members are handcuffed and about to bo taken away.

What was their crime you ask? "I have no clue", I respond. I didn't stick around to find out. Normally I wouldn't have noticed and just walked by, however, there were groups of people on each corner, staring in my direction. I quickly cross the street and attempt to go into Chelsea Market from the 10th Ave. side.

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At the door I get stopped by a haughty security guard. "Where are you going?", he asks me.
I reply that I work there and I flash him my id. He stares at it for a few seconds, returns it to me and in a much more civil voice replies, "Okay. Go ahead." When walking into the market there is another set of doors. I notice to my left, Morimoto and Guy Fieri.

Apparently this is a Food Network sponsored event : Food Network/New York City Wine & Food Festival'08.

Neither of these guys are a surprise. You can see them just about any day of the week. Guy has even made an appearance in my cube. Thankfully his trademark shades were missing and he was wearing a tux instead. I thought the shades were selective surgery, as he never seems to be without them.

Walking up the ramp, I reach a velvet rope. At this velvet rope is yet another security guard. This one is more friendly than the first. We go through the same procedure (showing id) and exchange a few lines of chit-chat. I'm in, though I wasn't planning to be and it doesn't appear to be my scene. There are many people, kiosks/stations everywhere and alcohol. What I notice little of is any actual food. I guess food costs money. It's not as cheap as alcohol (which apparently can be given away). I also notice some co-workers, but I choose to let them be. They look busy. I exchange my stuff and exit stage left. Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday.


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