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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

57 Days into this American Experiment

I have commented previously at my reluctance to whole-heartedly believe or blindly trust the speeches and manifestations of the new administration (with Obama as its head), cautioning others to remember that they are after all politicians (and obviously good ones). At the same time I do not agree entirely with this documentary either. We are only 57 days into the administration so I will not make any judgment, but I am watching closely.

There are aspects that seem plausible and others that seem off-balance & precariously located in the "conspiracy theory" camp, of which I am not a card carrying member. At the same time I hold no reverance for any specific (and arbitrary) government, culture or idiology, other than one of humanity. Humanity has no borders & includes all cultures. If the NWO exists and somehow through their scheming & meddling unites humanity by the merest strand, would that be really so bad? Isn't clinging to the arbitrary notions of one's country, nationalism, religion, culture or economic theory a bit anachronistic? The future of humanity lies in unification and the realization of our global family/unity. We will unite or we will die, that is inevitable. So is this a rat race? Is the last rat remaining on the barrel to be crowned king of the humans? I will likely not see it in my lifetime, but it will happen. For now, food for thought :


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