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Monday, May 11, 2009

Air Force 1 Flyover, Take Two: CANCELLED

At 10:00 EST, I received an email alert that another NYC flyover was to occur. I thought, "AGAIN??". Who would be stupid enough to try that stunt again? Thankfully several minutes later another alert came out canceling the event, but it got me thinking. The 4/27 flyover occured. It cannot be taken back. It is already paid for. Paid for by whom, you may ask yourself? By us of course. Air Force 1 is the people's airplane. Though most cannot ride in Air Force 1, we all chipped in to get the President a vehicle to get him from one place to another, so he could work. So I wrote President Obama an email about it :

Low-res version of one of the publicity shots in question, courtesy of

"On 4/27/2009, Air Force 1 flew over NYC creating a panic. I had no problem with that. Though I live in Manhattan and have been in the city for more than 25 years (and experienced both Tower attacks close up), I felt no threat or danger. I do have a problem with the use of public property. Air Force 1 is paid for and maintained by tax payer money for use in the administration of presidential duties. Think of the money that could have been saved if instead you used Photoshop:

$1000 (Photoshop CS4-Extended Retail version) versus tens of thousands of dollars for the real thing (depending on who you ask the flyover cost between $70,000 - $320,000). The choice seems obvious. The deed has been done and cannot be undone, but since public funds and property were used in this publicity stunt, then the public should get access to the final product. I would like to see the high-resolution pictures (RAW is preferable choice for me) of Air Force 1 available for anyone to download. I look forward to it.



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