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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saitek Keyboard fix?

As of several weeks ago, I had not had any problems with the 3 Saitek Eclipse keyboards I owned. I like the feel and construction so much that I have one such keyboard at both work and home.

The keyboard has a problem with the spacebar, in that the plastic attachment for the metal bar wore off and the key is wobbly and uncertain. I am forced to have to hit the key in the middle and with force. This interrupts the rhyme of my typing.

As this is a work keyboard, I tried to research buying a whole new replacement. After realizing that in this economic environment I could not justify using a "special, but pricier keyboard" and that I have a responsibility to the crust and troposphere that sustains life, I researched for a replacement spacebar. As Charles Bronson would say "No dice." I was unable to find anything, so I wrote an email explaining all this to both their main headquarter in the UK and their American partnership with MadCatz. I'm curious to see who responds first or if anyone responds at all. Wait and see....


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have the same keyboard, All I did was put a little dab of vaseline on the steel bar where it clips onto the spacebar key and then hot glued it to the key, It works great, I find it way stronger now and I have not had an issue since.

Unknown said...

I did the exact same thing that the anonymous quoter about said (vaseline and hot glue) and it works like a charm. I love fixing things on my own and not making more trash.

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